Bar Hire

Bar hire packages… the options:

A recent 40th birthday party. Great fun.

Our bars have been designed with flexibility in mind. Each four foot section can be joined together or stand alone. Our back bar has a lit, three shelf bottle display and the star curtain at the back creates a real wow factor. Our swan neck stainless steel bar fonts gives an extra dimension to the overall look.

Our most popular packages (below) suit any event but if you have any special requirements or would like information on an “all in” per head price then please contact us


Option 1 – Paying Bar

This is by far the most popular option, we apply for your “temporary event notice” (liquor license) and provide all equipment, all stock and cover all staffing needs. Your guests pay for their own drinks, consequently the cost to you is minimal. This is the most popular option for wedding receptions, outdoor events and festivals.

Option 2 -“Free” Bar

This is whereby your guests drink for free and the final bill is settled by you, the event organizer.

Payment – At the end of the event you will be given an itemized bill, which will include all products that have been dispensed to your guests. This option seems to be the most popular with launch and promotional events.

Option 3 – A mixture of the two.

This is where you pay a certain amount to allow your guests a free drink(s) and when this runs out the guests pay for their own. Another popular option at Weddings.

Other options:

We are able to supply and serve drinks on arrival, for a toast whether it be Pimms, Champagne, Mulled wine or a particular product – on a price per glass or bottle charge.

We can supply and serve table wines, stilled and sparkling water – all at competitive prices.

All you have to do is ask.

Call direct on 07825090784 or email